Monday, July 16, 2012

The Body [#4 Khaḍgaviṣāṇa Gāthā]

[+] Do you think you can this be so simple, resounding?
[^] No one has said it is something simple or easy. There is always a tendency to underestimate things outrightly, like if there is a love, this feeling must be so tangled and inaccurate like in an opera's drama...

[*] The wisdom dear friends is not something you can develope in a lapsus of short-range; like also the sense of good taste requires more training than basic materials to get it. Nobody said it would be just so easy. Not a thing to imagine: "Fast obviously we walked in unexpectedly we sat there and the lights went up like stars in the night We gasped there because in seconds the miracle was done in front of us Turning our heads in a corner of the space all of us we saw the body The Body was there like a jade's idol"...
[-]  Ha Ha Ha! You have such an imagination! Eventhough I think it will be more clear and direct than what we can think about it. It is about the master of all, not a game, not a solitary stone. It will be lovely for sure! and The Body will be a total object for veneration and happiness. We will earn so much from this!
[*] Be careful dear friend, because this is an attachment; here there is a little happiness, little satisfaction; here there is very much misery; this is a hook. Knowing this, a thoughtful man should wander solitary like the sun in the summer sky. We have a great honour for share all this experiences but we must also show there our aptitudes for increase the wisdom.
[^] That's the challenge! Banu Haramha told us also: "Goddesses on the mountain top are burning like a silver flame Goddesses on the green valley are smiling like twisted grass"...

[*]... "twisted grass are them and the summit of beauty and love is The Holy Matter that also is the Name".

[+] I feel the blue happiness in my soul!
[^] We are honoured by the occasion and we will do it great.

[*]  Dear mates, we should recite the old poem dedicated to the virtuous man: "With downcast eye and not foot-loose, with sense-faculties guarded, with mind protected, not overflowing with defilement, not burning, one should wander solitary as a rhinoceros horn".

A Golden Bough