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Dog Art Sculpture, Dadaist Home Décor, Running Dog SCULPTURE, Punk trash art Sculpture, Handmade Colorful Animal art, Voodoo Dog, Techie Dog
Dog Art Sculpture, Dadaist Home Décor, Running Dog SCULPTURE, trash art, Punk Sculpture, Handmade Colorful art, Voodoo Dog, Techie Dog, Mixed media sculpture, Animal Art works, Dada Expressionism, Handmade Unique Home decor, Jewish modern art, Small Collage, Made in USA, Dadaist Jewish art, NYC Brooklyn

Tittle #30: Wonderful dog living in Wonder-Land.

Work done in New York, USA It is part of a huge group of works made re-using trash, small pieces of whatever I found walking in streets. I did a first part of this project in Israel. This project was published in MixMedia Magazine as part of an article about "weird" collages. It was their opinion. Each work talks about a certain strong and honest feeling or experience there in Israel.

Approx. 5.5 × 3.5 x 3 inches, 2012. This is an original art work. Only one 1/1 of a kind.
88 grams

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