Monday, July 09, 2012

Scenery of Nature [#2 Khaḍgaviṣāṇa Gāthā]

There, near the highlands that are my home, I'm the blissful man. In the midst of this forest of plum blossoms with drenched branches by a colourful light, here I am just Me.

As a deer which is not tied up goes wherever it wishes in the forest for pasture, I am same here! In this valley of golden herbs, I walk. Ah! Wonderful release!

Under the shadows of a mountain's wilderness, tiny universe of freshness, I give free rein to my own nature, Our Nature. And learn the lesson to be blest.

For verily I say to you that an understanding and wise man, having regard for his independence, should wander solitary as a rhinoceros horn.

So the high price of Freedom is paid happily with this scenario that is a vulnerable and sad loneliness.

In this landscape with hills and fat clouds always running away, where life is almost eternal...

A Golden Bough