Sunday, February 12, 2012

El Gran Salvaje. [#38 - Lord of the Hill]

One Sunday morning the young boy, dressed in black and ivory began his walk down the slopes of the Sleeping Hills. For a winter day and so early in time, the noisy presence of the fresh air was particularly uncommon, as well a sky so deep as an ocean of doubts.
In close proximity to the river, in middle of the midstream he saw a man. Even though he could also say that it was a demon, made with remains of human life and a lot of raging madness. A man that was totally against the nature and the green slavery of the world. But in a contradictory significance, He was one and only one, united with nature. Nature of all things around him.

^Hey! Who are You? What kind of organic fantasy have led you to this state of uncontrollable behaviours and helplessness?

^ Fever, a green fever of the forest and from time to time, some hallucinations that have grown on the copper scales of my skin.
Ah! Ah! Father Air and Mother Earth, let me go there, far away of the  fixed place of my roots, let me be free. I desire the lightness of absence...!

The young walker made an attempt to approach. He was wading through the rocks and felt the coldness on his back,  coming up from this water source with glacial fed. When He was close, embraced him...

^ Where is your self, your heart, your soul? Tell me!

^ Hahahahaha! My own being is only vapour and full of a fragrant cloud of winter. This river was my soul, but it is gone away from here... and I don't know where he left me.
My eyes are never resting. I am breathing, eating and seeking through this emotional book that you call
Nature. Minute by minute, I became part of it, a drop of darkness between some winter tears.

A Golden Bough