Saturday, February 11, 2012

A white paper Note. [#36 - Lord of the Hill]

Under the thin crack of the door there was a hollow of green light. Also there was a note, and it was rubbing in the dust. A white paper with the back impeccably smooth and shiny. Disturbing the peace of the breath with it whiteness:
"Right or wrong, your feelings seems to be only multiple views for the same Obsession".

The young man reluctantly returned to his table. We almost saw him smiling, but as none of us were there we can only infer this grin of sneer and contempt. And He wrote:
"In this world of today, I tell you that your concerns are my shadow and my words are your knife of suicide".

In the long corridor there wasn't nothing more than old mahogany furnitures and rice paper lamps. 

A Golden Bough