Thursday, August 02, 2012

Boundless joy. [#43 - Lord of the Hill]

There is a landscape of weird & golden sand dunes. There is also a line [it must be a blue line] that makes clear all that is around the Self, the Human Self. It is great here in this minimalistic space of a wild Universe!

I saw a couple of tears in the middle of a lovely square, philosophic square it was. I also saw stars, real stars i saw in a wide emotional surface. Sometimes they looked like tiny tears. It is amazing the "how" of this evolutive interconnection!

A few of anthropomorphic clouds had been moving so fast down and up inside a male's heart. Was not mine of course, was someone's, a man's heart that was full of clouds. He [the other beside Me] even didn't knew nothing about this: a natural and red cave placed in an unknown land.

Oh! Desirable corner of shapes!
Oh! Boundless joy that can be eaten, here in this realm of water and land!

The group of creatures had been there for a long time, in fact not so much time. Just enough for a little walk through the wisdom that flows and flows never turning the head back. I saw them and Lord Konrad also did it. We were discovering something that they called Kingdom. We didn't knew it because we was inside it and that was good... so good for a tiny human life.

...and even today I feel like a fish, I can dance like a cloud and jump out this corner that looks like the Whole Beyond, the Universe by excellence.

It is a landscape made of sand but also it is a soul possessed by a male mermaid. It is a body, it is you and him; it is a nature, the Nature.

A Golden Bough