Monday, May 28, 2012

Seashore Camp. [#41 - Lord of the Hill]

Walking South, s-t-r-a-i-g-h-t and below two meters, located in the thin strip of sand; He had set a camp. 
It was an imagined rest area and an equally unreal group of diners and friends.
He said to them: 
* You see there? Near the top of the sky there are clouds of all shapes and contours. For each one of them there is a seeing eye, a suicidal smile in a vacuum space and a soul built with cardboard and watercolours. 
* For each of these clouds.

The sand moved fast away, in the seashore.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The long speech of graduation. [#40 - Lord of the Hill]

He was invited to take the stand. It is time of an speech. The teacher should talk to the public.
After a general greeting Lord Konrad laid his eyes on few isolated and familiar faces. Here in the first row of seats was L. Praimer, the most popular student of the classroom graduating today. Located on the right side, with a mysterious look is Thomas Krauss, his favourite pupil. Here and there were all them, young friends that he kept clearly in the memory and others who could be identified only vaguely.

The professor began to speak:

Human society is constantly evolving. There is a deep and accelerated development in the psychological and intellectual fields that are pushing our ...
[...] Here and there the reasons and emotions have left their mark and interestingly seem did not have changed a single detail of its base and rationale ...
[...] We are thinking faster? or is it just that we quickly gain access to information that ultimately has not benefited us at all? We have certainly evolved. For sure, we have changed the global face and the image of ourselves in the particular, local and individual. We have created new and more varied sects, groups and guerrillas ... new ways of thinking about the value of human being ... or not value in fact for it...
[...] There is a point at which the Ideals change to Ideologies. The next step is to be evil, intolerant, repressive (and self-repressive). Anyway, they (Ideologies) become sick of their own programmatic profile. This is another face of the evilness of Banality...
[...] We are different today than yesterday, but not better than our parents and grandparents. And we need to use the heritage that came to us through the enjoyment and sorrow of all the humans...
[...] Thank you.
He came down. No one said anything or want to say a word. No applause... not a single clap ...
Slowly the living room was flooded with laughter, dozens of faces began to show a smirk almost hysterical. Laughter and spasms of joy, loud laughter and even tears of irrepressible fun and pleasure in a couple of girls. The public could not stop laughing.

Lord Konrad felt so bad, like only a few times before in his life.
"I want erase all this. I want 63 years of my life suddenly going out,   leaving away of me. I want to restart my system and my coordinates not to be here or there, i only wish not be at all. I want to be stupid, blind, and if God grants me a wish extra, I want to be dumb. I'm sick of all. I throw this thing that I call my life. I will vomit all out of me. Now!"

A Golden Bough