Sunday, February 12, 2012

El Gran Salvaje. [#38 - Lord of the Hill]

One Sunday morning the young boy, dressed in black and ivory began his walk down the slopes of the Sleeping Hills. For a winter day and so early in time, the noisy presence of the fresh air was particularly uncommon, as well a sky so deep as an ocean of doubts.
In close proximity to the river, in middle of the midstream he saw a man. Even though he could also say that it was a demon, made with remains of human life and a lot of raging madness. A man that was totally against the nature and the green slavery of the world. But in a contradictory significance, He was one and only one, united with nature. Nature of all things around him.

^Hey! Who are You? What kind of organic fantasy have led you to this state of uncontrollable behaviours and helplessness?

^ Fever, a green fever of the forest and from time to time, some hallucinations that have grown on the copper scales of my skin.
Ah! Ah! Father Air and Mother Earth, let me go there, far away of the  fixed place of my roots, let me be free. I desire the lightness of absence...!

The young walker made an attempt to approach. He was wading through the rocks and felt the coldness on his back,  coming up from this water source with glacial fed. When He was close, embraced him...

^ Where is your self, your heart, your soul? Tell me!

^ Hahahahaha! My own being is only vapour and full of a fragrant cloud of winter. This river was my soul, but it is gone away from here... and I don't know where he left me.
My eyes are never resting. I am breathing, eating and seeking through this emotional book that you call
Nature. Minute by minute, I became part of it, a drop of darkness between some winter tears.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A white paper Note. [#36 - Lord of the Hill]

Under the thin crack of the door there was a hollow of green light. Also there was a note, and it was rubbing in the dust. A white paper with the back impeccably smooth and shiny. Disturbing the peace of the breath with it whiteness:
"Right or wrong, your feelings seems to be only multiple views for the same Obsession".

The young man reluctantly returned to his table. We almost saw him smiling, but as none of us were there we can only infer this grin of sneer and contempt. And He wrote:
"In this world of today, I tell you that your concerns are my shadow and my words are your knife of suicide".

In the long corridor there wasn't nothing more than old mahogany furnitures and rice paper lamps. 

Thursday, February 09, 2012

#37 The Shepherd King [Lord of the Hill]

In the morning the Sir came out and opened the big brown envelope that he received. Konrad had been waiting for this book a long long time and finally he get it.
Someone a few years ago, and from whom he just remembered the face, had recommended the reading of a Hasmonean source text. Pages that even having spent many centuries can raise a cloud of comments, upsets and severe criticism. Apocryphal! is the most common word about this document, half legend, half-true story.
"Unique and truly life of the King of Judea: David the Lion of the East".

Page 1, 2Verse 5-10:
5Then the prophet arrived to the long valley close to the village of Hebron. 6Asking about some shepherds; about one of them especially who had a nice voice and powerful gazes. 7And down  the hills was a young man that offered water and a place for rest. 8The old walker  told him:
One word from you
9can renovate the Universal Order. 10You: King of Judah.

Page 4, 9Verse 15-19:
15Because I am the King of Judah, 16the invincible and powerful Lion of  Hebron. 17The First of the Humans in front of the landscape, 18as well as the last of the Shepherds 19in the caravan that leads us from the creation to the Maljut.

Page 79, 55Verse 1-8:
1In the road to Jerusalem there was a hill, 2in the hill there was a fountain of clear waters 3and around it was a delightful garden  plenty of fruits and animals. 4In the right corner of this place an Angel of God was standing up 5and asked him: 6What if the Text was first than the matter? 7What if You had came earlier, 8even before than your beauty and your nobility condition?

Lord Konrad had great remembrances with reading and dreams from the past about some golden walls and shining horizons, places so far away in the East.
This kind of memories that suddenly jump out from their dark and hiding spaces.

Page 114, 65Verse 32:
32The shepherd King was alone in a desert, a landscape of stones, salt and dreams.

Page 200, 81Verse 5-8:
5The sun sang melancholy songs with something like an announcing a death, 6a full moon day covered of dried flowers, tiny yellow flowers. 7Also the assassination of the Great Ancestor.  8Melodies as old as every hour and minute of waiting.

Page 202, 84Verse 1-10:
1Then the Prophet came down to the hills around the City of David, asking about 2a Man that was the King of the Shepherds, a long time ago. 3Some inhabitants  thought he was crazy and disturbed him with wrong indications and jokes.  
4In the door of the city called Gate of Zion, a guardian of the Palace offered him a place for rest 5and some fresh water. 6You see? I am now so old and full of disgrace and sorrows! 7You are just a tool for the concretion of the drama of your Master, 8and your role is almost finishing. Answered the Angel: 9Be grateful 10and even the sea will be praying the day of your judgement.

He moved his eyes through the end and he found:

99 2And David said to the old man: What are the purpose and principle of the work? 3What is the basis on which my house will be built into eternity?
4All that i know my Lord is a little sentence from a millenarian lullaby: 5Will be simple as your infinite fibbers of flesh and soul.  6Colourful lines on your personal history, 7a walk around the palace of the Heart will teach you that 8all that you need is to speak 9and the Kingdom will open it's doors to your Glory.

After that, He said Amen.


Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The day of his return. [#35 - Lord of the Hill]

^ Ah! How much I admire this glorious retreat, to this cogitation room! Always in my travels, I wished to be here, under your dwarf palm and watercolours fruits drawn on the wall! Not necessarily marked by a mere affection or selfish cowardice but indeed by a feeling of craving for protection, here  under these thin lights that looks like shadows of dusk.
More than once in my travels I have felt the closeness of the resting room. I remember once, being in front of the sleeping waters of the Yellow Sea and dreaming myself just here, between the table of dark ebony and the antique velvet chair; in another times I had a feeling almost tangible, that the large hall of a Serbian temple secretly copied these walls of slightly liquid colours and chimeric drawings! What an idea of nostalgic traveller! Weird
fleeting memory of the imagination in my loneliness and the desire for coming back soon here!
^ I love your words Mr Elphinstone and agree with the uncommon comfort and atmosphere of my home. I assure you that make me very happy. Do not hesitate to believe that this quiet corner of my noble house had painfully noticed with the absence of a clever and emotional visitor. But please tell me the most notorious of these long years of travel? What have you learnt from humanity? The world and its people?

^ About the landscape and their horizons, I should talk! Lord Konrad, I must say that in some way the world is a blank canvas and it fibers are closely together, almost like a single and uniform piece of fabric of smooth surface, although this is just a matter of visual metaphor and not touch. I had seen on this landscape a variety of knots in fine linen as well as a few rustic stitches made with hemp here, and embroidery of delicious magenta silk, complex threads there. The value of the circumstantial appointments and approaches is vital but in his unexpected and symbolic significance...

There is a rich canvas texture, full of vertical and horizontal references, but in more of a sense predictable, that made all this land-field vulnerable (just my opinion). The flat corner magnifies the rugged and exciting lines of a black lace works,  beyond their geographic adjacent coordinates. I have also seen cloth patches of avant-garde design near modest sewn tweaks; nostalgic lamentations in honour of a past that ultimately will not return, shall it never come back to the present times.
But I think it is the How of the Human Kind, in a global and literary way of see; a skein of yarn and it voluptuous asymmetries together, here and there in lumps of contradictory shapes. It is a fabric with homogeneity in their intentions but beset by irregularities in their individual accidents. It's what my eyes had seen, before returning to this room.

^ I'm surprised by your particular and original way to learn and observe. Please, please sit  down closer to me and continue with so wonderful stories Mr Elphinstone.

^ In a place that has a new...

A Golden Bough