Monday, December 05, 2011

Mr Smith. [#29 - Lord of the Hill]

Tall, very tall and thin without being shocking in his thinness. Man of few words, discreet lone cypress might be.

Twice a week he has entered the secret room of his master, a Lord Konrad Goldenberg. Two times in a week and nothing more for not to disturb the almost mystical silence there, between those four walls has been reigned since the eternity.
Once, by a neglected error he dropped down the thick book with carved edges. There, in the carpeted floor, a page half opened was demanding be read, almost desperately...  yes, it was desperately unconfortable for him.

"The desire for sex, fear of death and lust for power, are the main support for the nature of human behavior..."

Scratches of dark graphite in the text turned eyes to the handwriting note, with an informal and atypical calligraphy, by the way:
"... And the most powerful and comprehensive of all of them is the impulsive and irrational desire for governance and power, after all sex is subordinated to control the flesh and the fear of death is the incotrolable insubordination to the What for? Where? and Why? ..."

And he closed the book after reading. Mr Smith never forgot. 

A Golden Bough