Saturday, December 03, 2011

Those musical phrases. [#28 - Lord of the Hill]

They said, the best times of the day come after the defeat of Sun in the silent afternoon. When the landscape of rolling yellow hills start to sweat the melancholy beauty of golden flesh.
They wrote that, the water of the river sing the best poems for the forest animals at exactly the time in which the white star reborns coming from a blue day of exile.

....    ....    ....

Along the endless corridor of the castle, Lord Konrad translated  to himself those musical phrases of workers in the field, hay gatherers, fisherman of men's faces, women in the kitchen of the big house under the rocky-wall down the hill...

Thuas Biz suloua Sul Oih-bis im coilum kun-luah Lane behu-ilah brudhuah....
-Twice the sun has risen, one of them came on the sky with the moon under her arm!

Paideia kun-luah nabis illu-peherusus di-ilah purtirere?
- Can speak to the clouds, the midwife's birds?

Anu Sinnure naistru sinnure oih biyu Raih paideia sirah?
- Is a good lord our Lord and could be even a beautiful King?

Ei! Ei! Kirod umogah erjhintam poil di-lusah piscis!  Bini beolumah kun-moluah memem inKesec! 
- Eh! eh! Dear friend, skin of silver fishes! Come and dance with my mother at home!

....    ....    ....
I have a discret smile dedicated to the natural wisdom...

A Golden Bough