Friday, November 18, 2011

The Shadow. [#24 - Lord of the Hill]

The servant followed him to everywhere.
^ What is about your peace, Mr. Smith? (...)
  In which level of irrelevance, an action can be compared to a   feeling? 
Do you think is possible to grow up brave and gentle at once?

^ I just wish embroider your shadow to my feet, Lord Konrad!

In the dense silence of a corner.

He laughed... deeply.

The Walker. [#23 - Lord of the Hill]

A walker stopped suddenly in the corner of the village.

Farmer! Where can i find to Lord Konrad?

Through the glossy screen of the fountain [He] answered:
Perhaps... maybe... should be him.

A tiny fish swam down... 

In the misty welkin. [#22 - Lord of the Hill]

Blue mist on the green hill. Cold silence that fits between my fingers, misty welkin without clouds [...] and it hurts me...
Stones upon stones, moss golden in the violin's palace [...] and it rains over me...
He walk slowly through the mud until your place, black lace dress... and your wise sadness.

^ Speak to this tiny Kingdom about your literary beauty!
  Sing to the ice, and in my prairie to the gray sun!

The wild hill have changed its shape to keep safe the humble King.

A Golden Bough