Monday, July 18, 2011

Muteness [#9 - Lord of the Hill]

<> Why are you so distant My Lord? Overwhelmed, in deep silence.

<> The frozen muteness is my best act of compassion & humility.

<> I understand Sir. 

Never Obey [#8 - Lord of the Hill]

Standing up in front, he spoke: 

<>"Gracefully depressed", "Divinely humiliated", "Mercifully alone". Leading me to myself in the path of "Never Obey", non-compliance.  
... and came back down.

A Universe [#7 - Lord of the Hill]

Down in the wall, he sat and watched the UNIVERSE in whole. 
Small details led to him to smile. 
So simple, so vulgar, so mecanical! 

Lord Konrad crushed an ant and started to walk.

A Golden Bough