Thursday, December 08, 2011

A long letter to You. [#31 - Lord of the Hill]

Are 16:38 after noon and the rain has ceased to mourn a long suicide sentence in the Valley of the Starlings. There are two green stone houses and a stream that always seems to be very cheerful, full of life among its waters almost black and shining.

16:40, a December afternoon with the paper in my hands, I am thinking... Theah da-os racoarthis udholas am-l bull da-l mamireah... Oh! My memory stands as an old stone wall, ferns and wildflowers too. And I'm here, happy in my solitude, with a drowsy numbness in the air around my chair... but sad because you are not at my side.

16:45 in this old Palace of the Mountain, writing a letter that will be quickly deliver to the wild wind full of colourful images in a melancholy landscape.  Seems that I will chase in every corner of this room dreams and failures... unfinished plans for restart and never end, all by you, dear Lady of the Silent Lights, my dear Lady of the Unicorns.

With the heart, I write to you, happy in thine happiness. 
Yours, Lord Konrad

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Good morning. [#30 - Lord of the Hill]

Glazed windows in a long corridor, is the most simple and delicate dawn. There are dozens of portraits into a single wall, also mahogany furnitures dressed in dark silk. Black silence of the morning... 

^ Good Morning Lord Konrad! Which character you will develop for us today?

^ Oh! Mr Smith, as usual I will do the best just for be who I AM.

^ Good Sir... Have a pleasant day.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Mr Smith. [#29 - Lord of the Hill]

Tall, very tall and thin without being shocking in his thinness. Man of few words, discreet lone cypress might be.

Twice a week he has entered the secret room of his master, a Lord Konrad Goldenberg. Two times in a week and nothing more for not to disturb the almost mystical silence there, between those four walls has been reigned since the eternity.
Once, by a neglected error he dropped down the thick book with carved edges. There, in the carpeted floor, a page half opened was demanding be read, almost desperately...  yes, it was desperately unconfortable for him.

"The desire for sex, fear of death and lust for power, are the main support for the nature of human behavior..."

Scratches of dark graphite in the text turned eyes to the handwriting note, with an informal and atypical calligraphy, by the way:
"... And the most powerful and comprehensive of all of them is the impulsive and irrational desire for governance and power, after all sex is subordinated to control the flesh and the fear of death is the incotrolable insubordination to the What for? Where? and Why? ..."

And he closed the book after reading. Mr Smith never forgot. 

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Those musical phrases. [#28 - Lord of the Hill]

They said, the best times of the day come after the defeat of Sun in the silent afternoon. When the landscape of rolling yellow hills start to sweat the melancholy beauty of golden flesh.
They wrote that, the water of the river sing the best poems for the forest animals at exactly the time in which the white star reborns coming from a blue day of exile.

....    ....    ....

Along the endless corridor of the castle, Lord Konrad translated  to himself those musical phrases of workers in the field, hay gatherers, fisherman of men's faces, women in the kitchen of the big house under the rocky-wall down the hill...

Thuas Biz suloua Sul Oih-bis im coilum kun-luah Lane behu-ilah brudhuah....
-Twice the sun has risen, one of them came on the sky with the moon under her arm!

Paideia kun-luah nabis illu-peherusus di-ilah purtirere?
- Can speak to the clouds, the midwife's birds?

Anu Sinnure naistru sinnure oih biyu Raih paideia sirah?
- Is a good lord our Lord and could be even a beautiful King?

Ei! Ei! Kirod umogah erjhintam poil di-lusah piscis!  Bini beolumah kun-moluah memem inKesec! 
- Eh! eh! Dear friend, skin of silver fishes! Come and dance with my mother at home!

....    ....    ....
I have a discret smile dedicated to the natural wisdom...

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Like a whisper. [#27 - Lord of the Hill]

In his beautiful man profile, so singular, sunlight was singing his madrigals. Insignificant and natural whisper,  feeble thread of voice, a trifling whisper ... ...

[On the wide leather armchair, Lord Konrad repeated a very dark and primitive song]

Through the glass and cold eye, the shadow of the sun danced an ephemeral compass... was dancing with the cryptic song... cryptic dark song...   ...

[Iha sie a Rae^ mo-beahiu ka-l ezaune ghret sos bardudas kem phleras da neaba...   ...   ]

A Golden Bough