Monday, February 07, 2011

A window [#3 - Lord of the Hill]

<>I am not your MASTER!
<>I'm not a shining soul!
<>I'm not the cardinal point for your path!

...And he closed his window to the SUN.

Tear of Love [#2 - Lord of the Hill]

The stars in a noisy and weird nightmare jumped on him.
The castle suddenly cried.  They were like shiny pebbles.
A bloody note on the trembling hands of Lord Konrad.

And a tear of love.

A Shepherd Poem [#1 - Lord of the Hill]

Singing a poem was a shepherd. Walking up the hill. On top he later stood.
Clouds, sky, wind, the restless landscape… all of them seem have say:

<> "Good Morning to you Lord Konrad!"

Precious verses has recited a young man. They were like g-r-a-i-n-s of a red pomegranate.

A Golden Bough