Dark Leather Toiletry Case, Comb and Brush Set, Mens Travel Bag Accessories, Vintage 1950s Toiletry Set, Mid Century Toiletry

Steer Horn And Silver Bracelet, Inca Indian Peru, Industria Peruana, 925 Sterling Silver, Large Link Bracelet, Peruvian Jewelry

Greek Islands Brooch Pin, Antique 1920s Kepkypa Corfu Brooch, Ancient Greece Heraldry, Round Sterling Filigree Pin

Japan Sterling Cufflinks, Antique 1940s Cuff Links, Mount Fujiyama, Pagoda Shrine, Gold Black Silver Niello Jewelry

Medieval King Portraiture, Courtiers Women, Royal Palace, Myths and Legends, Small Oil Painting in Book, Naive Paintings

Antique Ink Sketch, Antique 1930s Art, Rhayader Wye River, Wales Landscape, British Landscape Picture, Walter M Keesey

Noy Li Israel Earrings, Israeli Designer Jewelry, 925 Sterling Silver, Modernist Dangle Earrings, Jewish Artisan Jewelry