Saturday, July 22, 2017

Antique Moroccan Shoes, Handmade Real Leather Slip on Shoes.

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Unique, rare, antique handmade leather slip on shoes. This pair of vintage Morocco ladies mules woven slipper shoes date from 1900s-1930s. They are hand made and woven with a lovely design and the bottoms are multi layered stacked leather soles. Truly unique leather slip on shoes with a detailed leather stitchwork on uppers. 

They are in good display condition and have been worn before. The material looks like in very good condition and still wearable and strong. Please look careful to the pics and if it is in need, we can provide with more pics. We also believe they are an excellent piece for Home Decor, a Store Decor project or just for a collector; they would make a lovely display piece or a designers sample. These are truly a beautiful one of a kind piece of antique Moroccan textile art!

Approximate Size: 6 1/2 and they are unique foot, no right or left, both look like same to me. 
Material: leather
Condition: Good Vintage Condition.

Inner wearable length without the pointed end: 9 " inches 
Inner wearable maximum of Width: 2.5" inches 
Weight 390 grams
(All Above Measurements Are Approximate) 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Womens Multicolor coat with Roses and Unicorn

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Womens Multicolor coat with Roses and Unicorn or Dragon Printed illustrations, Biker Zip Up warm Jacket, Woman's Ivory Coat Jacket, Long sleeves coat, Fully lined, Tattoo illustrations, Size L, Tattoo Style Jacket, Retro Style Jacket, Zip Front Jacket, Jacket with Motif Back, Rose tattoo.

Gorgeous and very unique women's winter coat with tattoo style illustrations. 
Size: L. Shell: 100% Polyester.

Chest: 20.4" or 52 cm.
Shoulder: 19.6" or 50 cm.
Sleeve: 24.8" or 63 cm.
Length: 22.8" or 58 cm.
Approx 630 grams

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Modern Evening Dress, Loose Fit Dress, A Line Dress, Mourning Midi Dress

Modern Evening Dress, Loose Fit Dress, A Line Dress, Mourning Midi Dress, Pretty Lady Portrait Print, Houston Purple Dress, Varanasi Grey Dress, Goth Fashion Dress, Elegant Womens Clothing, Sleeveless dress, Halloween Funny Dress, Minimalist Adult Clothing, Renaissance Art Printed Dress, Short Womens Dress, Loose Fit Dress, Bohemian Chic clothing, Urban Artsy Dress, Minimal fashion dress, Color Variations Available on Dress, Casual fashion Dress, Summer Autumn Mini Dress, Evening party dress, Full Printed dress, Made in USA, American Made Fashion, Designer collection for Summer, Front and Back Dress, Brooklyn NYC 

#D1250: Custom made dress for a trendy woman. 100% Polyester woven dress fabric with silky hand-feel. Print covers entire front and back panel. Loose swing shape for an easy, flowy fit. Garment fully constructed and printed in the USA.

1- Houston Purple #420540
2- Snow White
3- Varanasi Grey #1e1d1d

NOTE: the present listing do not apply for free domestic shipping.

>>>>> The designs are all originals mine and with (c) copyright <<<<<

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Welcome to our new Online Store for Fashion and Vintage

Welcome to our bobo-COLLECTED bohemian-bourgeois vintage store for trendsetting people. Based in NYC, we were created to bring together for your consideration a refined collection of relevant vintage apparel & oddities, focusing on high quality design, beauty standards, and styling.

Specializing in Vintage clothes, accessories, Jewelry, shoes and bags; bobo-COLLECTED is a multicultural, young, hip and modern shop for the adventurous and spirited ♥

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