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Antique 1930s Dress, Embroidered Dress, Geometric Beaded Embroidery, Blue Gray Midi Dress, Dress With Pockets, Handmade Fancy Dress, Size S

Dorfman Pacific Hat, Tan Fedora Hat, Vintage Mens Fedora, Hat Size Small, Indie Hipster Hats, American Hats, Felt Wool Hat, Light Camel Hat

Antique 1930s Brooch Pin, 925 Sterling Silver, Copper Wash And Citrine Stones, Flower Floral Brooch, Huge Handmade Pin, Gemstone Brooch

Hand Crocheted Short Sleeve Floral Top, Vintage 1960s Trinchetto Lace Rayon Top, Knit Floral Crochet, Ivory Tone, V neck Sweater, Size M

Multi Strand Pearls Bracelet, Beaded Bracelet, Fresh Water Pearl Jewelry, Natural Pearl And Gold Tone Clasp, Bridesmaids Gift, Bridal Pearls

Simple Sterling Bracelet, Smooth Curved Cuff, Mexican 925 Silver Bracelet, Stacking Bracelet, Heavy Solid Sterling Cuff, Minimalist Jewelry

Large Mens Ring, Colorful Stones Inlay, White Mother Pearl Stone, 925 Sterling Silver, Southwestern Style Ring, Cowboy Jewelry, Ring Size 10

Antique 1930s Bridal Scarf, Satin Cream Neck Scarf, Vintage Metallic Scarf, Wedding Accessories, Waves Pattern Scarf, Paisley Collar Wrap

Mexican Charm Bracelet, Silver Filigree Bracelet, Antique 1940s Jewelry, Southwestern Jewelry, Folk Mexican Souvenir, Western Sombrero Hat

Elegant Cocktail Womens Ring, Zirconia CZ Cluster Ring, 14K HGE Gold Ring, LIND Ring Size 5, Engagement Jewelry Gifts, Sparkling Stones Ring

Tie Neck Blouse, Puffed Sleeves Top, Grey Cotton Shirt, Vintage Ascot Blouse, Long Sleeve Shirt, Ascot Bow Tie Blouse, Top Size S, Pussy Bow

J Hoop Earring, SSD Simon Sebbag, 925 Sterling Silver, Silver And Gold Wash, Teardrop Earrings, Two Tone Earrings

Tan Cashmere Jacket, Beige Brown Cashmere Coat, 100% Imported Cashmere, Jacket With Pockets, Townley Jackson & Moyer, Wool Jacket, Size M