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New Covenant Tallit, Biblical Clothing, Tallit Praying Shawl, Messianic Christian Tallit, Long Shawl with Fringes, Embroidered Hebrew Quotes

Jewish Phylacteries, Tefillin Art Sculpture, Modern Jewish Expressionist Art, Mixed Media, Dada Surreal Small Sculpture, Unusual Home Decor

Contemporary Artwork for Home Decor, Jewish Judaica Paintings, Religious Paintings, Mystical Merkabah, Chancellor of Heaven, Angel Metatron

Old Jewish Siddur, Antique Hebrew Prayer Book, Metal Covered Siddur Tefilah book, Antique Judaica.

Unusual small Mezuzah prayer charm necklace, made probably around the 1940s.

A new Rococo boy. [#39 - Lord of the Hill]

#37 The Shepherd King [Lord of the Hill]