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Long Colorful Scarf, Beaded Fringe Stole, Long Narrow Scarf, Ritual Clothing, Religious Accessories, Wedding Scarf, West Timor Clothing

Blue Opal Earrings, Oval Sparkling Opal, White Milky Opals, Small Post Earrings, Minimalist Earrings, Gemstone Jewelry, Sparkling Earrings

Womens Turtleneck Sweater, Black Speckled Sweater, Long Sleeve Sweater, Handmade Knitted Sweater, Boho Turtleneck Blouse, Warm Top, Size S

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Gold Chinese Band Ring, Gold and green filigree ring, Gold cloisonne ring, 925 sterling silver, Scroll ring Size 4, Vermeil enameled ring

Tan Cashmere Jacket, Beige Brown Cashmere Coat, 100% Imported Cashmere, Jacket With Pockets, Townley Jackson & Moyer, Wool Jacket, Size M

Rustic Silver Metal Cuff, Antique 1930s Tribal Bracelet, Primitive Jewelry, Indonesia Timor Jewelry, Ceremonial Warrior Combat Bracelet Cuff

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Tribal Ethnic Studs, Large Oval Studs, Southwestern Jewelry, Vintage 1970 Studs, Indian American Studs, Hammered Disc Studs, Buffalo Drawing

Stratton Cigarette Case, Business card holder, Pheasant Bird Painting, Tropical Peacock Design, Gold Gilt Metal Case, Vintage 1940s case box

Original United Hatters Cap, Millinery Works Small Cap, Antique 30s, Black Genuine Leather, Suede Hat, Civil War Style Kepi Hat, Size S Hat

Black Velvet Dress, Velvet and Lace, Fancy Maxi Black Dress, Dress Size S, Handmade Jewish Dress, Vintage 1940s, Gothic Steampunk Clothing

Tan Leather Toiletry Case, Comb and Brush Set, Mens Travel Bag, Mens Accessories, Vintage 1960s Mens Toiletry Set, Mid Century Grooming Kit

Vintage Bakelite Necklace, Butterscotch Bakelite, Faux Orange Amber Necklace, Antique 1940 Jewelry, Graduated Bead Necklace

Vintage Hong Kong Jewelry, Silver and Gold Cufflinks, Large Oval Cuff Links, Abalone Gold Links, Good Luck Amulet, Longevity Chinese Symbol

Mariner Chain Necklace, Black Vulcanite Necklace, Antique 1800s Jewelry, Victorian Black Jet Necklace, Nautical Necklace