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Handmade Davy Crockett hat, Rabbit Fur Cap, Vintage 1950s accessories, Brown winter hat Size S, Genuine Fur pill box Cap

Carnelian Amethyst Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver, Red Purple Pendant Necklace, Wheat Chain Necklace, MultiStone Necklace

Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon Greece, Vintage Etruscan Cuff Links, Antique Cufflinks, Ottoman Jewelry, Grand Tour Europe, Edwardian Jewelry

Shirtless Male Portrait, Dadaist Dancer, Male Nude Models, Conceptual Photo, Fujifilm Color, Hasselblad Analogue Photo, Affordable Art Decor

Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Teresa of Jesus, Antique 1800s Relics, Catholic Reliquary, Mystical Sainthood, Christian Shrine Accessories

Labradorite Bracelet, 925 Sterling Silver, Handmade Link Bracelet, Floral Indian Bracelet, Natural Gemstone Jewelry

Vintage 1950s Taxco Sterling Silver, Multi Stone Bracelet, Colorful Bracelet, Oval Link Sterling Bracelet

Steer Horn And Silver Bracelet, Inca Indian Peru, Industria Peruana, 925 Sterling Silver, Large Link Bracelet, Peruvian Jewelry

Greek Islands Brooch Pin, Antique 1920s Kepkypa Corfu Brooch, Ancient Greece Heraldry, Round Sterling Filigree Pin

Noy Li Israel Earrings, Israeli Designer Jewelry, 925 Sterling Silver, Modernist Dangle Earrings, Jewish Artisan Jewelry

Cashmere Sweater Top, Gray Pure Cashmere, knitted V-Neck Sweater, 100% Cashmere Wool, 3/4 Sleeve Sweater, Knit Wool Top, Knitwear, Size M/L

Great Britain Coin Cuff, 50 New Pence Coin, 1969 UK Coin, Minimalist Cuff Bangle, Wire Bracelet, Handmade Sterling Cuff

Tan Leather Toiletry Case, Comb and Brush Set, Mens Travel Bag, Mens Accessories, Vintage 1960s Mens Toiletry Set, Mid Century Grooming Kit

Dichroic Glass Pendant, Minimalist Chain Necklace, Foiled Glass, Geometric Pendant Necklace, Southwestern Jewelry

Irish Celtic Ring, Cigar Band Ring, Michael Hilliar Jewelry, Story Teller Ring, Unisex Ring Size 8, History Of Ireland, Patriotic Jewelry