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Trash Art Sculpture, Musical Sculpture Piano and Stool, Lady Gaga Piano, Sparkling Figurine, Funny Artwork, Small Stiletto Shoes, Luxury Car

Trash Art Sculpture, Symbolic Arts, Modern Religious Art, Hindu Religion, Burning widows alive, Sati Suttee Ceremonial, Punk Dada Sculpture

Diptych Artwork for Home Decor, Mixed Media drawing, Bearded Man Portrait, Middle East modern Art, Archaeological Drawing, Holy Land Decor

Dog Art Sculpture, Dadaist Home Décor, Running Dog SCULPTURE, Punk trash art Sculpture, Handmade Colorful Animal art, Voodoo Dog, Techie Dog

Dinosaur SCULPTURE, Small sculpture, Prehistoric Garden, Suitcase sculpture, Lava Volcano sand beach, Reptile Animal Art, Handmade Art Object