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The meeting of the very old wise men.

Medical Illustration Graphic Tees, Goth Skull t-shirt, Flower floral print tee, Rocker Skull Tee.

Playing irrational cards in the creation of some kind of new Mystical Symbols.

Victorian Lady Skull, A Line Evening Dress, Goth Steampunk Our Lady of the Holy Death Midi Dress.

Memento Mori. Tale of shadows and beautiful dreams.

Ursa Major Constellation, Minimalist A Line Dress, Totemic Bear Printed on Dress

Antique Moroccan Shoes, Handmade Real Leather Slip on Shoes.

Womens Multicolor coat with Roses and Unicorn

Visión premonitoria de una palabra hueca.

Boundless joy. [#43 - Lord of the Hill]

The Body [#4 Khaḍgaviṣāṇa Gāthā]

Old memories & a Song [#3 Khaḍgaviṣāṇa Gāthā]

Scenery of Nature [#2 Khaḍgaviṣāṇa Gāthā]

African Horns [#1 Khaḍgaviṣāṇa Gāthā]

One World. [#42 - Lord of the Hill]