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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Victorian Lady Skull, A Line Evening Dress, Goth Steampunk Our Lady of the Holy Death Midi Dress.

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#D1270: Custom made dress for a trendy woman. 100% Polyester woven dress fabric with silky hand-feel. Print covers entire front and back panel. Loose swing shape for an easy, flowy fit. Garment fully constructed and printed in the USA.

1- Cincinnati Blue #b9c8c2
2- Snow White
3- Varanasi Grey #1e1d1d

NOTE: the present listing do not apply for free domestic shipping.

>>>>> The designs are all originals mine and with (c) copyright <<<<<

Monday, July 24, 2017

Ursa Major Constellation, Minimalist A Line Dress, Totemic Bear Printed on Dress

Ursa Major Constellation, Minimal Midi Dress, A Line Dress, Totemic Bear Printed on Dress, Navajo Bear and Heartline, Modern Evening Dress, Loose Fit Dress, Native American Inspired Clothing, Artsy Adult Clothing, Custom Made Dress, Houston Purple Dress, Varanasi Grey Dress, Goth Fashion Dress, Elegant Womens Clothing, Sleeveless dress, Minimalist Adult Clothing, Southwestern Artistic Dress, Short Womens Dress, Loose Fit Dress, Bohemian Chic clothing, Urban Artsy Dress, Minimal fashion dress, Color Variations Available on Dress, Casual fashion Dress, Summer Autumn Mini Dress, Evening party dress, Full Printed dress, Made in USA, American Made Fashion, Designer collection for Summer, Front and Back Dress, Brooklyn NYC 

#D1260: Custom made dress for a trendy woman. 100% Polyester woven dress fabric with silky hand-feel. Print covers entire front and back panel. Loose swing shape for an easy, flowy fit. Garment fully constructed and printed in the USA.

1- Houston Purple #420540
2- Snow White
3- Varanasi Grey #1e1d1d

NOTE: the present listing do not apply for free domestic shipping.

>>>>> The designs are all originals mine and with (c) copyright <<<<<

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Antique Moroccan Shoes, Handmade Real Leather Slip on Shoes.

Antique Moroccan Shoes, Handmade Real Leather shoes, Slip on Shoes, Vintage Ethnic shoes, North African shoes, Woven Shoes, Rare Leather Slip On Shoes, 1900s Shoes, Casual hommy Shoes, Womens Fashion Accessories, Detailed Ornate Shoes, Spring Shoes, Summer Shoes, Genuine Leather Brown Shoes, Multi Layered Soles, Boho Hippie Shoes, Bohemian Accessories, Unique Handmade Shoes, one of a kind, #10021722.

Unique, rare, antique handmade leather slip on shoes. This pair of vintage Morocco ladies mules woven slipper shoes date from 1900s-1930s. They are hand made and woven with a lovely design and the bottoms are multi layered stacked leather soles. Truly unique leather slip on shoes with a detailed leather stitchwork on uppers. 

They are in good display condition and have been worn before. The material looks like in very good condition and still wearable and strong. Please look careful to the pics and if it is in need, we can provide with more pics. We also believe they are an excellent piece for Home Decor, a Store Decor project or just for a collector; they would make a lovely display piece or a designers sample. These are truly a beautiful one of a kind piece of antique Moroccan textile art!

Approximate Size: 6 1/2 and they are unique foot, no right or left, both look like same to me. 
Material: leather
Condition: Good Vintage Condition.

Inner wearable length without the pointed end: 9 " inches 
Inner wearable maximum of Width: 2.5" inches 
Weight 390 grams
(All Above Measurements Are Approximate) 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Womens Multicolor coat with Roses and Unicorn

Our Store:

Womens Multicolor coat with Roses and Unicorn or Dragon Printed illustrations, Biker Zip Up warm Jacket, Woman's Ivory Coat Jacket, Long sleeves coat, Fully lined, Tattoo illustrations, Size L, Tattoo Style Jacket, Retro Style Jacket, Zip Front Jacket, Jacket with Motif Back, Rose tattoo.

Gorgeous and very unique women's winter coat with tattoo style illustrations. 
Size: L. Shell: 100% Polyester.

Chest: 20.4" or 52 cm.
Shoulder: 19.6" or 50 cm.
Sleeve: 24.8" or 63 cm.
Length: 22.8" or 58 cm.
Approx 630 grams

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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Saturday, August 06, 2016

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Visión premonitoria de una palabra hueca.

Es la naturaleza de las formas que nunca vendrán lo que le hiela en ese sitio, en este instante. Aturdida en el vacío. Inquieta. Lo ya ocurrido, aquello que no ha de volver a jugar con su huella y sombra adolece de una ausencia profunda. En su insípida presencia no es posible conjugar la razón de cada una de las líneas, no hay espacio más allá del contorno para el esbozo rápido que proyecte potenciales futuros. Anti-existencia. Substancia que causa congojas.

Es en este paisaje de circunstancias donde crece una montaña lejana casi ausente. Aquí estoy yo, congelado a sus espaldas. Somos piedras coronando la colina verde. Su risa se burla del tiempo y mis dedos palpan cada monosílabo segundos antes de que desaparezcan. Velozmente ellas vuelan, surcan el aire ligeras. Cada idea se diluye entre las cuerdas de ese particular pentagrama. Ya no están, luego nunca habrán sido siquiera dichas [eso me dirán]. Nada fluye, no hay testigos para tan claustrofóbico escenario. Silencio.
Corre amurallado el arroyo acá a lo lejos, abajo en el valle que sin lugar a dudas también es verde. Se abren sus piernas [las de ella]  y se desliza peregrina un ave diminuta. Gacela de ojos en paralelo que escupe un trino libertario. Forcejean el símil y la metáfora. Inútiles. Nace de las esquinas caligráficas el improbable huevo. Escúrrese el cofrecito blanco y hunde sus manitas en la parda tierra. Es una piedra. Inmóvil. Somos seres enraizados en lo alto del cerro, como joyas que coronan una regia cabeza.
Acomodo mi pequeño tesoro blanco entre sus pechos y canto versos sobre cosas impensables, sobre divertidos personajes que no han sido, tampoco son. Serán deseos. Habrán almas como perlas, dos robustos testigos encaramados en la esquina de un paisaje de cuentos, en una colina verde


Thursday, August 02, 2012

Boundless joy. [#43 - Lord of the Hill]

There is a landscape of weird & golden sand dunes. There is also a line [it must be a blue line] that makes clear all that is around the Self, the Human Self. It is great here in this minimalistic space of a wild Universe!

I saw a couple of tears in the middle of a lovely square, philosophic square it was. I also saw stars, real stars i saw in a wide emotional surface. Sometimes they looked like tiny tears. It is amazing the "how" of this evolutive interconnection!

A few of anthropomorphic clouds had been moving so fast down and up inside a male's heart. Was not mine of course, was someone's, a man's heart that was full of clouds. He [the other beside Me] even didn't knew nothing about this: a natural and red cave placed in an unknown land.

Oh! Desirable corner of shapes!
Oh! Boundless joy that can be eaten, here in this realm of water and land!

The group of creatures had been there for a long time, in fact not so much time. Just enough for a little walk through the wisdom that flows and flows never turning the head back. I saw them and Lord Konrad also did it. We were discovering something that they called Kingdom. We didn't knew it because we was inside it and that was good... so good for a tiny human life.

...and even today I feel like a fish, I can dance like a cloud and jump out this corner that looks like the Whole Beyond, the Universe by excellence.

It is a landscape made of sand but also it is a soul possessed by a male mermaid. It is a body, it is you and him; it is a nature, the Nature.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Body [#4 Khaḍgaviṣāṇa Gāthā]

[+] Do you think you can this be so simple, resounding?
[^] No one has said it is something simple or easy. There is always a tendency to underestimate things outrightly, like if there is a love, this feeling must be so tangled and inaccurate like in an opera's drama...

[*] The wisdom dear friends is not something you can develope in a lapsus of short-range; like also the sense of good taste requires more training than basic materials to get it. Nobody said it would be just so easy. Not a thing to imagine: "Fast obviously we walked in unexpectedly we sat there and the lights went up like stars in the night We gasped there because in seconds the miracle was done in front of us Turning our heads in a corner of the space all of us we saw the body The Body was there like a jade's idol"...
[-]  Ha Ha Ha! You have such an imagination! Eventhough I think it will be more clear and direct than what we can think about it. It is about the master of all, not a game, not a solitary stone. It will be lovely for sure! and The Body will be a total object for veneration and happiness. We will earn so much from this!
[*] Be careful dear friend, because this is an attachment; here there is a little happiness, little satisfaction; here there is very much misery; this is a hook. Knowing this, a thoughtful man should wander solitary like the sun in the summer sky. We have a great honour for share all this experiences but we must also show there our aptitudes for increase the wisdom.
[^] That's the challenge! Banu Haramha told us also: "Goddesses on the mountain top are burning like a silver flame Goddesses on the green valley are smiling like twisted grass"...

[*]... "twisted grass are them and the summit of beauty and love is The Holy Matter that also is the Name".

[+] I feel the blue happiness in my soul!
[^] We are honoured by the occasion and we will do it great.

[*]  Dear mates, we should recite the old poem dedicated to the virtuous man: "With downcast eye and not foot-loose, with sense-faculties guarded, with mind protected, not overflowing with defilement, not burning, one should wander solitary as a rhinoceros horn".

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Old memories & a Song [#3 Khaḍgaviṣāṇa Gāthā]

The caravan of artists had settled on the creek. They came from the west valley and no one before this day did the same. Stopped here, between the hills and the tiny village where is a vulgar river that is just that, running water without mystery or secret. Liquid strings flowing with painful setbacks.
The caravan consisted of four ragged cars, but solid in its consistency. So they were seemed at first view.

At the beginning of the night a dozens of peasants ran downhill and sat around the rustic scenery. Some were sleeping even before any action had begun. The fatigue. This is really a peasantry's life.

We won in that night more than one tasty gift. Laughters and some excited tears, naive enchantments. The night breeze and the beauty of unique circumstances as well as a particular atmospheric feeling made all around full of simple beauty.

Just before leaving, a minstrel begun to sing:

"You must know the nature of things around [you]
Oh! my dear, my very dear lonely man, it is here:
Coldness, hunger and thirst, wind and the heat, [the Sun]
Then, you're you, in this landscape of solitude."

"Snowy whiteness of this bones like unfriendly love.
Gadflies and snakes, having endured all these
One should wander solitary as a rhinoceros horn."

Turning slightly on his way he came back a few steps and in his mind slowly began to sprout letters, single words and then the whole verse. He was suddenly isolated with a kept secret. Also He felt as if he was a responsible man, prematurely old and not exactly a wise one.

And there in the village was a sound dancing on the air; it was a song but a very wise one:

"Having torn one's fetters asunder, in this timeless morning
Like a fish breaking a net in the water, not returning,
Like a fire (not going back) to what is (already) burned,
Then you're you, in this landscape of solitude."

"This is an attachment in the long way, is a world.
Here is a little happiness for you and me, all of us
We should wander solitaries as a rhinoceros horn."

Early in the morning no car was there in the creek. Only water moving in setback steps.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Scenery of Nature [#2 Khaḍgaviṣāṇa Gāthā]

There, near the highlands that are my home, I'm the blissful man. In the midst of this forest of plum blossoms with drenched branches by a colourful light, here I am just Me.

As a deer which is not tied up goes wherever it wishes in the forest for pasture, I am same here! In this valley of golden herbs, I walk. Ah! Wonderful release!

Under the shadows of a mountain's wilderness, tiny universe of freshness, I give free rein to my own nature, Our Nature. And learn the lesson to be blest.

For verily I say to you that an understanding and wise man, having regard for his independence, should wander solitary as a rhinoceros horn.

So the high price of Freedom is paid happily with this scenario that is a vulnerable and sad loneliness.

In this landscape with hills and fat clouds always running away, where life is almost eternal...

Saturday, July 07, 2012

African Horns [#1 Khaḍgaviṣāṇa Gāthā]

The red box had arrived yesterday from a remote location, beyond the sea of gray foams. It was so beautiful! Squared at its base and two thirds of the height. Elegant as well as pointless chic.
Extending the most of his fingers he had verified the measurements;  as accurate as a quarter in length. It is wonderful, just wonderful!

In front, a couple of bronze crescents. A simple closure, distinguished in its brevity.

Slowly, almost mysteriously, he lifted the lid of the box. In bold letters and molded with sealing-wax was written:

"It is an impossibility for one who delights in company to obtain [even] temporary release. Having heard the voice of the sun's kinsman, one should wander solitary as a rhinoceros horn." Sutta-Nipata

A tiny space of light closed in his mind. There were other, perhaps other African horns, lonely and isolated.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

One World. [#42 - Lord of the Hill]

Un gato, a cat, kočka, mačka, kissa, კატა, γάτα, חתול, बिल्ली, kat, macska, köttur, گربه, кошка, แมว, kedi, بلی, קאַץ, all this is just a CAT

DJDG: Many words, One reality?

Lord Konrad
: Perharps, but as well can be:

many words=many realities 
and also:
for one world=many realities
... Who knows?

DJDG: I do not know.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Seashore Camp. [#41 - Lord of the Hill]

Walking South, s-t-r-a-i-g-h-t and below two meters, located in the thin strip of sand; He had set a camp. 
It was an imagined rest area and an equally unreal group of diners and friends.
He said to them: 
* You see there? Near the top of the sky there are clouds of all shapes and contours. For each one of them there is a seeing eye, a suicidal smile in a vacuum space and a soul built with cardboard and watercolours. 
* For each of these clouds.

The sand moved fast away, in the seashore.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The long speech of graduation. [#40 - Lord of the Hill]

He was invited to take the stand. It is time of an speech. The teacher should talk to the public.
After a general greeting Lord Konrad laid his eyes on few isolated and familiar faces. Here in the first row of seats was L. Praimer, the most popular student of the classroom graduating today. Located on the right side, with a mysterious look is Thomas Krauss, his favourite pupil. Here and there were all them, young friends that he kept clearly in the memory and others who could be identified only vaguely.

The professor began to speak:

Human society is constantly evolving. There is a deep and accelerated development in the psychological and intellectual fields that are pushing our ...
[...] Here and there the reasons and emotions have left their mark and interestingly seem did not have changed a single detail of its base and rationale ...
[...] We are thinking faster? or is it just that we quickly gain access to information that ultimately has not benefited us at all? We have certainly evolved. For sure, we have changed the global face and the image of ourselves in the particular, local and individual. We have created new and more varied sects, groups and guerrillas ... new ways of thinking about the value of human being ... or not value in fact for it...
[...] There is a point at which the Ideals change to Ideologies. The next step is to be evil, intolerant, repressive (and self-repressive). Anyway, they (Ideologies) become sick of their own programmatic profile. This is another face of the evilness of Banality...
[...] We are different today than yesterday, but not better than our parents and grandparents. And we need to use the heritage that came to us through the enjoyment and sorrow of all the humans...
[...] Thank you.
He came down. No one said anything or want to say a word. No applause... not a single clap ...
Slowly the living room was flooded with laughter, dozens of faces began to show a smirk almost hysterical. Laughter and spasms of joy, loud laughter and even tears of irrepressible fun and pleasure in a couple of girls. The public could not stop laughing.

Lord Konrad felt so bad, like only a few times before in his life.
"I want erase all this. I want 63 years of my life suddenly going out,   leaving away of me. I want to restart my system and my coordinates not to be here or there, i only wish not be at all. I want to be stupid, blind, and if God grants me a wish extra, I want to be dumb. I'm sick of all. I throw this thing that I call my life. I will vomit all out of me. Now!"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A new Rococo boy. [#39 - Lord of the Hill]

Postmodernist rococo in a way that is radically out of boundaries or definition. And I wish to re-mark this little sentence that aims to introduce a concept. Same that can be analized as a clear and very descriptive condensed idea related to an enviroment and circunstance. It is a visualisation about a human being that also is an object of my attention. I think it is my way to see Him: the last postmodern in a new rococo era. The Man that became a Super Essential Being of Itself. 
As well I think it is important to show how I found this character that is an artist and also is All. I saw him for the first time completely covered by clouds of dust and blood, bellowing something like a vals in the corner of a room. The song was in several languages; like if He could speak almost all of them... without understanding you in anyone.

I loved, even if I can not explain the why.

About Manuel Javier.

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