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Large Floral Cross Pendant, Black Vulcanite Cross, Victorian Mourning Crucifix, Carved Floral Cross, Antique 1800s Jewelry, Velvet Ribbon

Rustic Silver Metal Cuff, Antique 1930s Tribal Bracelet, Primitive Jewelry, Indonesia Timor Jewelry, Ceremonial Warrior Combat Bracelet Cuff

Chinese Bamboo Brush Pot, Antique 1800s Vase, Carved Bamboo Vase, Large Brush Storage Container, Vintage Chinese Carvings, Asian Wooden Vase

Japan Sterling Cufflinks, Antique 1940s Cuff Links, Mount Fujiyama, Pagoda Shrine, Gold Black Silver Niello Jewelry

Chinese Export Multi Strand Bracelet, Blue Turquoise Nugget, Vintage 30s Silver Jewelry, Antique 1930s Art Deco Jewelry, Asian Collectibles

Osaka Japan Pennant Flag, Shinto Religious Shrines, 1950s Wall Hanging, Touristic Souvenir, Retro Wall Decor, Colorful Velvet Banner Flag

Antique 1930s Norwegian Spoon, Rare J TOSTRUP Spoon, Silver And Enamel, Heraldry Symbols Norway, Enamel Art Deco Spoon

Peru Indigenous Folk Dolls, Ancient Chancay Art, Burial Rag Dolls, Holy Family Doll, Parents with Baby, Native American Ethnic Textile Dolls