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Two Green Stoneware Trays, Wedgwood Neoclassical Ashtray, Jade Green Jasperware China, Vintage 50s Decor, English Cameo Club Shape Ashtray

Religious Postcard, Antique 1950s Catholic Postcard, Silk hand Embroidered Spanish Card, Rare Holy Cards, Made In Spain, Christmas Card

Queen Cleopatra Necklace, Vintage Egyptian Necklace, Middle Eastern Jewelry, Tribal Silver Collar, Chain Bib Necklace, Silver Metal Choker

Green Gold Wine Carafe, Soviet Glass Decanter, Frosted Glass Pitcher, Vintage 1950s Decor, Gilded Gold Liquor Bottle, Glass Wine Decanter

Destino Gold Cufflinks, Vintage 1950s Jewelry, Bamboo Trees Cufflinks, Gold over Sterling Silver Cuff Links, Tigers Eye Accents, Mid Century

Handmade Davy Crockett hat, Rabbit Fur Cap, Vintage 1950s accessories, Brown winter hat Size S, Genuine Fur pill box Cap

14k Yellow Gold Earrings, Green Stone Dangle Earrings, Teardrop Jadeite Jade Earrings, Delicate Drop Earrings,

Dark Leather Toiletry Case, Comb and Brush Set, Mens Travel Bag Accessories, Vintage 1950s Toiletry Set, Mid Century Toiletry

Steer Horn And Silver Bracelet, Inca Indian Peru, Industria Peruana, 925 Sterling Silver, Large Link Bracelet, Peruvian Jewelry

Osaka Japan Pennant Flag, Shinto Religious Shrines, 1950s Wall Hanging, Touristic Souvenir, Retro Wall Decor, Colorful Velvet Banner Flag

Handmade Napkins, Embroidered Napkins, Set of Linen Napkins, Argentina Souvenirs, Vintage Old Coins, Vintage 1950s Decor, Made in Argentina

Panetta Cameo Necklace, Glass Cameo Necklace, Vintage 1950s Cameo Jewelry, Victorian Edwardian Style, Boxed Cameo Pendant, Gold Plated Chain