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Volcanic Lava Brooch Pin, Vulcanite Brooch Pin, Antique 1800s Brooch, Victorian Period Jewelry, Brown Lava Jewelry, Carved Floral Brooch Pin

Large Floral Cross Pendant, Black Vulcanite Cross, Victorian Mourning Crucifix, Carved Floral Cross, Antique 1800s Jewelry, Velvet Ribbon

Art Deco Stick Pin, Green Beetle Pin, Beetle and Gold Pin, Yellow Gold Hat Pin, Antique 1920s Scarab Animal Jewelry, Rare Edwardian Jewelry

Carved Mother Pearl Cufflinks, Antique 1900s Mens Cufflinks, Art Deco Cufflinks, Victorian Edwardian Mens Jewelry, Shell Nacre Cuff Links

Golden Glees, Collection Of Songs, S C Hanson, Sheet Music Book, Antique 1800s Victorian Book, Science Of Vocal Music, Song Book For Schools

Green Beetle Brooch, Scarab and Gold Pin, Art Deco Brooch, Tortoise Beetle Pin, Yellow Gold Filigree Pin, Antique 1920 Scarab Animal Jewelry

Mariner Chain Necklace, Black Vulcanite Necklace, Antique 1800s Jewelry, Victorian Black Jet Necklace, Nautical Necklace

Black Whitby Jet Earrings, Large Drop Dangles, Whitby and Gold, Sterling Silver Gold Gilt, Antique 1800s Victorian Jewelry

Vintage Coin Bank, Antique 1900 Decor, Old Cast Iron, AC Williams Penny Bank, Cast Iron Figurine, Domed Bank Building, Architecture Figurine

Antique Victorian Shakers Set, Rogers Weighted Sterling, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Sterling Weighted Reinforced

Antique 1900s Home Decor, 925 Sterling Salt Pepper Shakers, Victorian House Decoration.