Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A new Rococo boy. [#39 - Lord of the Hill]

Postmodernist rococo in a way that is radically out of boundaries or definition. And I wish to re-mark this little sentence that aims to introduce a concept. Same that can be analized as a clear and very descriptive condensed idea related to an enviroment and circunstance. It is a visualisation about a human being that also is an object of my attention. I think it is my way to see Him: the last postmodern in a new rococo era. The Man that became a Super Essential Being of Itself. 
As well I think it is important to show how I found this character that is an artist and also is All. I saw him for the first time completely covered by clouds of dust and blood, bellowing something like a vals in the corner of a room. The song was in several languages; like if He could speak almost all of them... without understanding you in anyone.

I loved, even if I can not explain the why.

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